Polish Psychologists’ Association (PPA) is a registered charity organisation with 250 registered members (partner, ordinary and associate). PPA mission is to promote and protect good health amongst members of the Polish migrant community in the UK, in particular by:

  • Promoting psychological health and well-being by providing family, couple and individual psychotherapy, consultations and counselling, support groups and other psychological interventions;
  • Sharing psychological knowledge and research through educational and training activities and publishing research and other materials promoting migrants’ psychological wellbeing.
  • Providing a forum for the community of Polish psychology graduates and practitioners (members), including providing information about practicing psychology in the UK, creating networking and professional development opportunities to engage members in initiatives and projects to support the wider Polish community.

PPA promotes social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people in the Polish migrant community in the UK who are socially excluded to address the needs of such people and assist them to integrate into society, in particular by:

Supporting their integration into the diverse community of the UK by promoting tolerance and respect for other cultures and raising awareness of equality and diversity issues, especially stereotyping, prejudice, harassment, and discrimination.

  • Supporting career planning and development within the new job market for migrants who are in poverty or unemployed.
  • Enabling access to the psychological help and support services that the Polish community might not otherwise receive due to language barriers as well as cultural differences and migrant status. This includes information, advice, counselling and educational activities offered to adults, families and children.
  • Supporting community participation through creating voluntary, work, student and mentoring placements for those unemployed and/or with limited career opportunities due to migrant status.

Polish Psychologists’ Association have developed several life-changing training programmes that use employment as the vehicle, and tackle some of the underlying reasons behind people being unable to find and keep work.

Those who attend PPA programmes are empowered with the all-important soft skills which are highly valued by employers. PPA also tackles issues such as attitude, communication skills and motivation, by challenging behavioural and cultural barriers to employment sometimes held by target groups. PPA gives candidates the tools and knowledge needed to gain and sustain employment, such as CV and interview training, as well as address issues like understanding employers’ needs and conflict resolution.

PPA also offers individualised support and career guidance to help place people into employment and training, as well as offer access to a range of beneficial life skills services. Once candidates are working, PPA implements a follow up service to increase employment sustainability as well as aid in their career progression.

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