On February 22nd, 2018 at 10am Conference entitled:


"CONSULTING IN CAREER PLANNING", multidimensional measurement of professional predispositions using the CaT tool"

dedicated to the Multidimensional Diagnosis System, and Career Tree education and career counseling.


The aim of the conference is to present a tool consisting of:

  • package of diagnostic tests and educational and vocational advice for young people aged 16-22
  • work tools for psychologists, educators and teachers supporting young people in planning and developing their careers
  • help in the career counseling process

During the conference will be presented:

  • tool quality: relevance, reliability verified on a representative group of young people aged 16 - 22
  • the cross-cultural nature of the tool, which will be available in Poland, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain, and Slovenia
  • diagnosis dimensions within: personality, system of values and life goals, temperament, cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills, professional, current qualifications
  • on-line report
  • diagnosis results


In the second part of the conference, Experts will conduct workshop sessions in computer rooms, presenting in practice the operation of the tool.


Applications for the Conference via the form available: here



University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

Monika Frączek +48 81 749 32 27

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Participation in the conference is free of charge!


The authors of the concept and the System:

  1. PROFESSOR PH.D. ZBIGNIEW B. GAŚ, Moderator of the Conference (WSEI Lublin)
  2. Ph.D. ROBERT PORZAK "Structure and characteristics of the Career Tree (CaT) - an automated diagnosis and counseling system in an educational and professional career" (WSEI Lublin)
  3. Ph.D. JACEK ŁUKASIEWICZ "The importance of presenting and discussing the results of the study in professional counseling. The specificity of the structure of diagnostic reports (for the counselor and the examined person) in the Career Tree "(WSEI Lublin)
  4. Ph.D. MONIKA BARYŁA- MATEJCZUK "Group career counseling as a method of supporting the development of social competences" (WSEI Lublin)
  5. Ph.D. GRZEGORZ KATA "Methods and strategies to facilitate resistance in career counseling. Proposals for actions developed within the Career Tree "(WSEI Lublin)