Currently, since October 2016, the CAT partnership is conducting testing for full implementation.

The  participants of this round of research are students from secondary schools and also young people that  enter the labor market. 

Each participant of the research will get extensive feedback on their results during testing:


  1. Information on the results of the study, which describe:
  • Professional interests in 15 dimensions;
  • Values ​​important in the professional and task performance of a person;
  • Personality attribute significant from the point of view of professional requirements;
  • How to deal with stress, pressure, high professional requirements;
  • Cognitive abilities: memory, imagination, reasoning, attention, learning;
  • Interpersonal skills, communication, negotiation, group collaboration;
  • Entrepreneurial competences;
  1. Advice indicating the profession well suited to interests and dispositions. The guidance also includes a description of the occupation and information about the course of study at the school and the courses required to practice this profession.
  2. A personal career portfolio where you can include additional information about your accomplishments, just like on Facebook, to provide employers looking for employees.