Career tree at the 8th nationwide scientific conference from the series on: SCHOOL FOR THE CHALLENGE OF CONTEMPORIES

Selection of the topic is not accidental - the tool created within the CaT project will not operate in a vacuum. However, the future school will look like there will be a need to support young people in the first life choices.

Another aspect is that the CaT project contains a research element. Participation in the project gives WSEI experts the opportunity to conduct interesting research in the field of psychology on data collected in a number of partner countries.

Are the interests, passions and values ​​of young people from Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Great Britain showing some difference and are they scientifically measurable?

WSEI’s experts shared during their accomplishments on the VIII National Scientific Conference of the series "PROBLEMS OF CONTEMPORARY PROFILAKTY" conducted at the WSEI on 16-17 May 2017 ( scientific-news-viii-ogolopolska-scientific-conference-from-cycle-problems-contemporary-prophylaxis-on-topic-school-to-challenge-of-modernity)

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Speeches delivered:

The Student's Correlation of Entrepreneurship - Polish Version of the Test Battery Tree Career (CaT) - Dr. R. Porzak (School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

Values ​​valued by young people. Analysis of the research results in Poland, Slovenia, England, Spain and Turkey using the test tree of the Tree of Care - Dr. J. Łukasiewicz (Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin)

Temperamental sensitivity and professional interests of upper secondary school students - international research - M. Baryła-Matejczuk (Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin)

Realization of professional interests by pupils as a factor protecting thesaurus - Dr. Grzegorz Kata (Higher School of Economics and Innovation in Lublin)

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