MEETING 11-12 of April 2016, London, UK

Our team met for the 4th time to discuss details of pilot testing. We shared our experience with schools’s suff and career counsellors. The tool is now ready to use , however, due to school holiday, most of Partners wait until September to start testing.

The interest in CaT test is massive as we becoming more aware of how important is to plan our career.  In old days most people just looked around and chose an occupation, which was popular within their family or social environment or a job that was accessible and tested over generations. It is different now

Why is it so important to plan our career? How do we fit our needs with the job market requirements?

Let’s look at what main factors go into choosing a career?

  1. Your Personality: are you a calm person or outgoing? Perhaps your relatives enjoy being librarians but if you have quite a temper, the slow work environment will make you implore.
  2. Your Interests: is your family business orientated? If you understand poetry better than stock charts, don’t follow your family’s advice.
  3. Your Values: your family may think that the social service is a common value and everybody dreams being a local GP. Meanwhile, you instead secretly admire plastic surgeons and their posh cars…
  4. Your Skills: your parents advise you to follow a career in finance. Yes, you are great with numbers but even better at combining pieces of clothing together in a way nobody can miss you in the street. And you just love fashion…

There are many questions we must ask ourselves before we choose a career path, which fulfills all of our needs. In the adult life we spend more time at work than socializing with friends. It is worth making the smarter choice.

The CaT Test will help you to define your areas of interests, your skills and values as well as show you what qualifications are needed to get your dream job.

Test YOURSELF with CaT