International meetings

The first project meeting October 29-30, 2014, Lublin, Poland 

The start of the meeting began with the management part of the project. After a few initial words, each partner soon presented his institution. The next part of the meeting was devoted to financial and administrative principles related to the implementation of the project. During the presentation various cost categories and rules for its qualifications were defined.

The second day of the meeting is devoted to the values ​​that the project brings with it.

We discussed the structure of the tool and its components- modules and layers, and the manner of adapting the tool to the specifics of each country and profession. 

The partners participated in the discussion on the specifics of all layers of the tool. The first task was presented - examining the qualifications of the profession. This is an essential part of the project, which is why it was proposed to share all competitions between all partners. We agreed to gather all professional competences in each country, find a joint and define what needs to be adapted to each country (by adjusting the questions). 

The main areas of cooperation were identified and key responsibilities assigned in the coming months, the Partners decided to postpone the discussion. The partners have also established appropriate dates for the next project meetings, which include:

• Second project meeting - 13-14 April 2015, Spain

• third project meeting - 16 - 17 November 2015, Slovenia

• The fourth project meeting - 4-5 April 2016. Great Britain

• Fifth project meeting - November 21 - 22, 2016, Turkey

• Sixth project meeting - June 5-6, 2017, Poland 


See you in Barcelona!

Schedule of international meetings:

  1. Kick-off meeting (29-30.10.2014) – the aim of the meeting is to clarify ideas, responsibilities, and timetable, divide tasks and discuss all project details; all partners will attend (2 representatives from each partner). Meeting took place in Poland.
  2. Feedback on development the model of predispositions and leading competences (13-14. 04.2015).The aim is to sum up the work done on the model in each country (description of competences and predispositions, categorising and ranging predispositions and competences, analysis of qualifications, description of predispositions, competences, permissions) and to present the reviews of experts. Meeting will take place in Spain.
  3. Modular system development progress meeting (16-17.11.2015). The aim of the meeting is to sum up foregoing work on the system, report on progress on tests and questions creation, settle the roles of competent judges and discuss the diagnostic questions for each area. . Meeting will take place in Slovenia.
  4. Presentation of 1st version of the system meeting (04-05.04.2016). The aim of the meeting is to present the 1st version of the system with additional materials (handbook, methodic guidebook, handbook for self-work). During the event also training will be organised, dedicated to researchers/trainers/job advisors from partner institutions on how to operate with the system. Meeting will take place in UK.
  5. Pilot testing summary meeting (21-22.11.2016) – the aim of the meeting is to summarise pilot testing activities, discuss what improvements are necessary as well as discuss outstanding issues related to project management. Meeting will take place in Turkey.
  6. Final evaluation meeting (Month 05-06.06.2017) – the aim of the meeting is to evaluate entire project implementation + present all deliverables + present report of the evaluator.Meeting will take place in Poland.
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