London, 11-12.04.2016

During project meeting WSEI presented results of project works at previous stages of O2. Work on questions elaboration (stage O2.2 in Action plan) is nearly closed. Representatives of PPA, BAU, Baobab presented preliminary results (feedback) from their competent judges who assessed questions elaborated within CaT Partnership. This task is most urgent as far as should be finished before pilot testing starts. Partners discussed the way of use of judge results and the possibility of reduction of amount of questions to correct ones only.

Next there was presentation of dissemination, partner duties and reporting, discussion and suggestions.

Partners raised also the question of time needed to conduct pilot testing for 1 testee. Further stage of the discussion was devoted to pictures elaborated by WSEI for professions description.

Partners asked WSEI to prepare guideline for pilot testing for students step-by-step.


WSEI presented results of the interim report assessment by the NA, issues which are positively assessed by NA were mentioned. It was noticed that report is well assessed by NA and all reporting tasks should be continued.


Thank you all!!!