International meetings

The first project meeting October 29-30, 2014, Lublin, Poland 

The start of the meeting began with the management part of the project. After a few initial words, each partner soon presented his institution. The next part of the meeting was devoted to financial and administrative principles related to the implementation of the project. During the presentation various cost categories and rules for its qualifications were defined.

The second day of the meeting is devoted to the values ​​that the project brings with it.

We discussed the structure of the tool and its components- modules and layers, and the manner of adapting the tool to the specifics of each country and profession. 

The partners participated in the discussion on the specifics of all layers of the tool. The first task was presented - examining the qualifications of the profession. This is an essential part of the project, which is why it was proposed to share all competitions between all partners. We agreed to gather all professional competences in each country, find a joint and define what needs to be adapted to each country (by adjusting the questions). 

The main areas of cooperation were identified and key responsibilities assigned in the coming months, the Partners decided to postpone the discussion. The partners have also established appropriate dates for the next project meetings, which include:

• Second project meeting - 13-14 April 2015, Spain

• third project meeting - 16 - 17 November 2015, Slovenia

• The fourth project meeting - 4-5 April 2016. Great Britain

• Fifth project meeting - November 21 - 22, 2016, Turkey

• Sixth project meeting - June 5-6, 2017, Poland 


See you in Barcelona!


The fifth project meeting took place 21th -22th of December 2016, Barcelona

During te meeting Partners focused on:


1. Validation testing

To begin validation certain criteria need to be met:

-functioning version online tool to support validation needs to be developed;

-information from pilot testing needs to be gathered and analyzed;

-a working version of portfolio needs to be developed;

-a working version module of advice needs to be introduced.    


2. The possible extension of the project

3. Finishing of pilot testing

4. Portfolio

5. Module of advice

6. Budgetary matters, financial management.


Thank you for active attention, let's do it!


London, 11-12.04.2016

During project meeting WSEI presented results of project works at previous stages of O2. Work on questions elaboration (stage O2.2 in Action plan) is nearly closed. Representatives of PPA, BAU, Baobab presented preliminary results (feedback) from their competent judges who assessed questions elaborated within CaT Partnership. This task is most urgent as far as should be finished before pilot testing starts. Partners discussed the way of use of judge results and the possibility of reduction of amount of questions to correct ones only.

Next there was presentation of dissemination, partner duties and reporting, discussion and suggestions.

Partners raised also the question of time needed to conduct pilot testing for 1 testee. Further stage of the discussion was devoted to pictures elaborated by WSEI for professions description.

Partners asked WSEI to prepare guideline for pilot testing for students step-by-step.


WSEI presented results of the interim report assessment by the NA, issues which are positively assessed by NA were mentioned. It was noticed that report is well assessed by NA and all reporting tasks should be continued.


Thank you all!!!


Third project meeting took place 16th - 17th of November 2015, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


During this project meeting was presented the online tool. Partners had the opportunity to discus definitions, indicators, text used in the tool, also check literature and creation of hierarchic stracture - last comments before a publishing the final version.


Next day Partners discused about next stages implementation in O2:

- role of component judges in question assessment

- pilot testing.


PPA Partner presented Project management plan, promotional and dissemination activities and all results achived by Consortium till the project meeting. All mutually agreed to translate leaflet and upload it to Sharepoint till 30/11/2015. Later that day WSEI presented quality evaluation, partner duties and reporting mistakes - administrative issues.


Thank you all for participation and brainstorming. Next meeting in London!!!


The second meeting took place on 13 and 14 April in Barcelona, ​​Spain. 


The first day of the meeting was started with the presentation of the Plan of dissemination in the project prepared by the PPA organization. Promotional channels for a specific target group have been presented, specific goals for the Partners are discussed.

The issue of creating the project's internet site was discussed and it was decided that: 

- the website will be created in 5 language versions (all Partners), 

- all partners will have the right to update their language version of the site, 

- a project page will also be created on Facebook and Twitter.  

Then, the quality management plan was discussed in the project, the Baobab Assosiation organization prepared the presentation. 

The Leader (WSEI) then proceeded to discuss the O1 and O2 action plan. A new work plan for O2 was created. It was agreed that the deadline for test preparation will be shortened to start the pilot test session earlier. The target group on which the tests will be carried out (1000 people) was determined.  

The discussion on the topics started was also on the second day of the meeting. Then, the models of documents were discussed, which the Partners will submit to the Leader for reports on the project's activities. During the meeting, a new, current action plan for O2 was established. 


See you in Slovenia !!!

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