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University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI) was established on the strength of the permission of the Minister of Education and Sport of 24th October 2000. WSEI is registered in the register of vocational higher education institutions in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the number 57. The founder of the University is Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers “OIC Poland”, which is the private non-governmental organisation, based in Lublin. The Foundation was established in 1991 on initiative of members of the local society, who were interested in stimulating socio-economic development of Lublin Region.

The mission of WSEI is to prepare the highly qualified professionals, who will be able to meet European standards and who then reinforce the human resources potential and enhance the capacity of local government institutions in terms of public finance management, strategic planning or absorption and management of EU funds. In the context of economic development of the region those mentioned areas of activities are the key challenges that the public and private sector is to face in the next few years.


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Polish Psychologists’ Association (PPA) is a registered charity organisation with 250 registered members (partner, ordinary and associate). PPA mission is to promote and protect good health amongst members of the Polish migrant community in the UK, in particular by:

  • Promoting psychological health and well-being by providing family, couple and individual psychotherapy, consultations and counselling, support groups and other psychological interventions;
  • Sharing psychological knowledge and research through educational and training activities and publishing research and other materials promoting migrants’ psychological wellbeing.
  • Providing a forum for the community of Polish psychology graduates and practitioners (members), including providing information about practicing psychology in the UK, creating networking and professional development opportunities to engage members in initiatives and projects to support the wider Polish community.

Baobab Association was founded in 2001 by a team of experienced professionals in the fields of training and research, and intending to develop systems and strategies for the development of human resources within organizations.

Baobab directs its services primarily to third sector organisations, associations and non-profit organisations, and social economy companies, which develop their activities in the field of the social and labour integration of groups in risk of social exclusion, especially children and young people.

The direct and/or indirect beneficiaries of Baobab’s activities are children, young people, women in risk of social exclusion, migrants, ethnic minorities, disabled people, drug addicts and seniors. Baobab’s priority is to offer counselling, training and advice to our users.

Baobab studies their educational and/or training needs, choosing the best option and building training strategies through the study of needs, development of pilot projects, design of training actions, and the management and verification of the results.

Baobab develops methodological tools and instruments that help achieve the objectives of users and organizations with whom Baobab collaborates, as well as to optimize their financial and technical resources that, in most cases, are a factor that limits their proceedings.


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The slogan “At the heart of Istanbul” is suitable for a university like Bahcesehir University (BAU)… With its main campus on the edge of the Bosporus in Besiktas each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

The first thing that will strike your eye when you enter our university will be the large number of foreign students. From the United States to China, from France to South Korea from a wide geographical area extending over a thousand foreign students are studying at BAU. When asked why they prefer BAU we always receive the same answer: “The central location and international power.” BAU’s location is apparent. In order to understand the international collaborations of our university, a short tour of our campus or website would be sufficient.

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Kadis d.o.o. provides wide range of training courses and other human resource services. Since 1992 Kadis has been a provider of various employability skills workshops and programmes for the Employment Service of Slovenia. Kadis offers various programmes to schools regarding career guidance (workshops for students, parents and school counsellors) and also services for individuals and companies, such as individual career counselling, career development, recruitment and selection, training of employees, particularly in soft skills, implementation of labour law proceedings and other HRM services.

The team mainly consists of psychologists, pedagogues and sociologists, all experienced in training and education. Kadis has years of experience with international projects, both as a promoter and a partner, all in the fields of training, assessment, career guidance and e-learning. Through EU projects Kadis is actively working on further advancement of the services, state-of-the-art methodologies and technology to make the top quality services more accessible for all target groups.

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