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We are very pleased to announce that we are giving you results that are the result of 3.5 years of very intensive work of the international Team of Experts, working under the direction of Robert Porzak, PhD - Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin.

  1. Career Tree tool. It is a set of diagnostic and support of counseling tools. The diagnostic part contains six inventories for dimensions examining which are relevant to educational and vocational decisions, a battery of cognitive tests and a survey questionnaire regarding the certificates, qualifications and educational and professional achievements. 


Tools supporting consultancy are: an automatically generated descriptive report with educational and vocational advice and a description of three exemplary professions proposed to the examined person, Portfolio and Europass CV. All available on-line. The Career Tree is based on an empirical attitude to tests creation. The inventories and tests included in it were constructed based on the theory of responses to the test questions (Item Response Theory - IRT). 


The Career Tree serves to diagnose the needs, interests and educational and occupational disposition of people aged 15-25 planning their career paths.


A set of questionnaires and tests allow to receive a multidimensional diagnosis. The automatically created report provides guidance for the interpretation of results and orientation of advice on career planning, educational and vocational part. The automatically created report provides guidance for the interpretation of results and orientation of advice on career and education planning. 


The Career Tree also contains additional tools supporting active shaping of your career path, in particular automatically generated CVs in the Europass standard and creating a portfolio of education and career achievements in the career progression described in the above-mentioned books.


 A set of questionnaires, tests and consultancy tools is to help advisors supporting young people in cyclical and ongoing development planning, as well as provide the participants with an opportunity for independent reflection and give tools to use this reflection in building a broadly understood educational, professional and life career. 


  1. Handbook entitled ‘Career Tree The system of educational-vocational career diagnosis and counseling’.


   This book describes a method of constructing a set of inventories, tests and questionnaires supporting counseling in career planning, bearing the common name Career Tree.

It is a manual for a diagnostic tool that contains theoretical and technical foundations leading to the development of a diagnostic tool, goals and diagnosis of beneficiaries, reliability.


  1. Handbook entitled Career Guidance. Theoretical assumptions and exemplary practices. It is a methodical handbook for career counselors  includes theories and foundations of  the developed method and practical tips regarding counseling process running.  
  2. The added value of the project is a handbook that was written in Polish and English. Multidimensional adaptive diagnosis in career planning. Design and psychometric properties of the Career Tree Inventory set. The book describes a method of constructing a set of inventories and tests supporting counseling in career planning, bearing the common name Career Tree. The structure, psychometric properties and the way of using the whole toolkit available on the Internet are presented.  The book consists of two parts. The first part shows the stages of the Career Tree structure and the dimensions of the diagnosis that were included in the toolkit. The second part describes the psychometric properties of tests from the Career Tree package. Instructions on how to use the Career Tree toolkit and rules for interpreting Career Tree's results in educational and vocational guidance can be found in the handbook for advisers  “Career Tree. A set of tools for diagnosis and counseling in an educational and professional career ", which is a summary of a part of the book below, supplemented with detailed descriptions of the results of individual scales. A broader discussion of the nature of counseling and the tools used in it is included in the book "Career Guidance" related to this item, which is a collection of methodological materials supporting the adviser's work and enabling deepening knowledge about career planning.


The Partnership:


1. University of Economics and Innovation (Poland) – Project Leader;

2. Associaciao Baobab (Spain) non-profit organization; 

3. KADIS (Slovenia) service provider in the area of career guidance and HR; 

4. Bahcesehir University (Turkey) higher education institution; 

5. Polish Psychologists’ Association (UK) is a registered charity. 


The products that were created as part of the project are available in 5 language versions: Polish, English, Turkish, Slovenian and Spanish.


The conference took place on 27th of February 2018, at the Park Hotel Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Among the invited guests were representatives of educational institutions: vocational schools, educational centers and institutions in charge of supporting unemployed people. During the conference an on-line tool was presented, i.e. a modular system of analysis, diagnosis and educational -vocational counseling (O2). Speakers during the conference were experts who participated in the creation of the tool.

Thanks to the fact that the Slovenian market lacks a similar tool, the conference was very popular. The school counselors participated in the conference expressed their interest in transferring the CaT tool to their daily work and using it after share on the market.


On February 22, 2018 at the headquarters of the University of Economics and Innovation in Aula A, took place the conference: "Advice in career planning. Multidimensional measurement of professional predispositions with the use of the CaT tool ", the main purpose was to present the results of the project" Career Tree CaT, which has been implementing by our institution since 2014.

The conference was opened by the Vice-Rector for Didactics, Quality of Education and Student Affairs of the University of Economics and Innovation Michał Jarmuł, PhD, professor of WSEI, then the following spoke: post-doctoral Zbigniew B. Gaś, Associate Professor of WSEI, who was a moderator.

The first part of the conference was aimed at presenting the concept of a modern tool created on-line. The goal that guided the concept of using the tool was to improve the quality of work of vocational counselors: psychologists and pedagogues and teachers supporting youth in career planning.

The authors of the concept and the tool themselves gave their speeches, WSEI experts PhD Robert Porzak, PhD Monika Baryła-Matejczuk, Fr. PhD Jacek Łukasiewicz and PhD Grzegorz Kata. Later on, invited guests were presented their speeches PhD Katarzyna Hartfil, Psychologist and vocational counselor at the Junior High and High School Jan III Sobieski in Lublin and Mrs Edyta Migałka, representing the VCC Foundation.

The second part of the conference was workshop sessions, which allowed participants to get to know the practical side of the tool.

During the conference honored us representatives of institutions such as:

- Center for Education Development (ORE) - Małgorzata Rosak, delegated by the Minister of National Education Mrs Anna Zalewska 

- Agnieszka Włodarczyk, representing the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), our guardian and a good spirit of the project 

- Lublin City Council, Faculty of Education and Upbringing on behalf of Director Ewa Dumkiewicz-Sprawka, Mr. Wojciech Polak 

- Valdani Vicari & Associati (VVA) (European Commission) Ms Iva Plašilová 

- Voivodeship Labor Office in Lublin on behalf of Director Małgorzata Sokół, Ms. Maryla Wójtowicz 

- Center for Continual Education in Lublin (CKU) Mrs. Deputy Director Anna Ruman Kołodyńska

representatives of Poviat Labor Offices, Employment Agencies, Volunteer Labor Corps (OHP), Vocational Education Schools and employees of Career Services and Psychological and pedagogical centers.

The conference was also attended by guests from abroad from labor market institutions: 

Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg Belgium


ECTE – European Center in Training for Employement (Greece)

Eduforma s.r.l. (Italy)

Institute for the Development of Employees Advancement Services Ltd. (Ireland)


Thank you for your interest, time spent together, exchange of ideas and invite you to follow the project website.




On February 22nd, 2018 at 10am Conference entitled:


"CONSULTING IN CAREER PLANNING", multidimensional measurement of professional predispositions using the CaT tool"

dedicated to the Multidimensional Diagnosis System, and Career Tree education and career counseling.


The aim of the conference is to present a tool consisting of:

  • package of diagnostic tests and educational and vocational advice for young people aged 16-22
  • work tools for psychologists, educators and teachers supporting young people in planning and developing their careers
  • help in the career counseling process

During the conference will be presented:

  • tool quality: relevance, reliability verified on a representative group of young people aged 16 - 22
  • the cross-cultural nature of the tool, which will be available in Poland, Great Britain, Turkey, Spain, and Slovenia
  • diagnosis dimensions within: personality, system of values and life goals, temperament, cognitive abilities, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills, professional, current qualifications
  • on-line report
  • diagnosis results


In the second part of the conference, Experts will conduct workshop sessions in computer rooms, presenting in practice the operation of the tool.


Applications for the Conference via the form available: here



University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

Monika Frączek +48 81 749 32 27

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Participation in the conference is free of charge!


The authors of the concept and the System:

  1. PROFESSOR PH.D. ZBIGNIEW B. GAŚ, Moderator of the Conference (WSEI Lublin)
  2. Ph.D. ROBERT PORZAK "Structure and characteristics of the Career Tree (CaT) - an automated diagnosis and counseling system in an educational and professional career" (WSEI Lublin)
  3. Ph.D. JACEK ŁUKASIEWICZ "The importance of presenting and discussing the results of the study in professional counseling. The specificity of the structure of diagnostic reports (for the counselor and the examined person) in the Career Tree "(WSEI Lublin)
  4. Ph.D. MONIKA BARYŁA- MATEJCZUK "Group career counseling as a method of supporting the development of social competences" (WSEI Lublin)
  5. Ph.D. GRZEGORZ KATA "Methods and strategies to facilitate resistance in career counseling. Proposals for actions developed within the Career Tree "(WSEI Lublin)

On 26th of January 2018 held the conference in Salvador Cabre Library in Santa Coloma de Gramenet in Spain.

The final dissemination event contributed the involvement of the City Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, which holds the Honorary Patronage of the Career Tree project in Spain, to promote knowledge and use of the intellectual outputs of the project among the educational centers of our city.
On the other hand, the event contributed to achieve the commitment on the part of the General Director of Educational Policy of the Regional Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia to include the Career Tree set of tests within the Telematic Education Network of Catalonia (XTEC).

During conference were presented Career Tree project products:

O2 - Modular system for diagnosis, analysis and education guidance of career

O3 - Handbook for diagnostic tool

O4 - Personal portfolio for participant career

O5 - Methodical guidebook for career counsellor


During this event Associació Baobab hosted regional politicians, technicians and career counsellors of the Municipality (Grameimpuls, SA), and managers, teachers and career counsellors of schools, high schools and vocational training centers from Santa Coloma de Gramenet.